From My Heart to Yours: A Collection of My Music Videos

In my last two posts I’ve shared how I came to learn how to play the piano and sing. But to those who haven’t actually heard me do either, it could come across as just a story. I could say I’ve learned how to play the accordion, too, but if I can’t prove it, again, it’s just a story.

(By the way, I did try playing the accordion once and was terrible at it. I can’t say for certain, but I’m pretty sure the sounds that I had coming out of that accordion were rather similar to that of the mating call of a rhinoceros. I could picture myself playing it at the zoo and zookeepers getting furious at me and warning me to stop playing. “The rhinoceros is loose and headed your way! For God’s sake, stop playing! Put it down! Put it down!” And I would. Quickly. I like my backside just the way it is, thank you.)

Anyway, here, for your viewing pleasure, are a few video clips of me playing the piano and often times singing as I play. All recorded within the past few years, the video clips as well as the sound can come across as rather crude from time to time as I took them with my phone. At the time and presently, I simply can’t afford professional or even adequate recording equipment. If I could, I’d get all that as well as the proper lighting equipment, green screen for the background, and whatever I would need to make savvy videos. I’d also get a new keyboard so as to further enhance the music recordings I could make.

Recorded at such places as my home, Central United Methodist Church in Sedro-Woolley, Washington and Bay View United Methodist Church in Bay View, Washington, From My Heart To Yours tells a bit of my personal journey – my heritage and upbringing, what I have learned about myself, what I believe in today, and what I stand for both now and always.

I truly hope you enjoy them. If the songs bring you encouragement – if they are exactly what you needed to hear at this very moment for whatever reason – all the better.


Ugh… That face! I blame the finches in the other room. Hey… If you’re going to sing along, at least be on key! Lol
This is my Coming Out Story. As a musician, there are times when I don’t have the eloquent words to share what I feel in my heart. That’s when my music comes in and reveals not only what I feel in my heart. but the innermost depths of my soul.
Although I wish I had written the lyrics of “I Am a Child of God,” it is my responsibility to claim that I did not write it at all. The music embellishment of it however, it is of yours truly.
It’s without speaking that I lay no claim to “True Colours” as well either. (Yes, I know I spelt it differently. Lol)
There’s actually a true story to this. Several years after World War II, someone in a government facility in San Diego looked out the window and saw a person throwing away many pictures of the faces of United States veterans into a dumpster in an alley. That “someone” rushed down and retrieved every one of those pictures. Having done much research, it turned out that the pictures of those being tossed into the bin were those who were either gay, lesbian, or otherwise.
That became the inspiration of the first gay-themed song I had written after I had come out. “Come On Home” is, in my opinion, the greatest song I have ever written.
“We Shall Overcome.” Indeed, as one of countless people in the LGBTQ+ community, we shall. And I say that because even though things have gotten better for us throughout the years, the hatred, scrutinization and inequality toward us is still there.
(I have no claim to this song as I did not write it.)
One last time, I have no claim to this song. “Over the Rainbow” has become a tribute for the gay community for decades. I have been asked a few times to sing it for the local Trans Day of Remembrance services. Each time I perform this song, it’s a bit different. This, from what I understand and from what I’ve been told, is the most favorite rendition amongst many.

And there it is. You’ve seen and you’ve heard. If they have meant anything to you at all, please feel free to like this post and perhaps comment on it. If you feel the songs might mean something to someone else, let them know. My ambition is to make a positive difference in as many lives as possible. To not only make you or them smile, but to offer hope and light to those who are living in despair and darkness.

Today and always, From My Heart to Yours, I wish you the absolute best.

Until next time…

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